Wednesday, January 20, 2010


grey whiteness of cloud against invisible

ridge, motion of shadowed black branches

in foreground, sound of wave in channel

follows from that, physical

interpretation of act

imaginary angle, the motion

denoted, of the field

grey-white cloud against top of ridge,

silver of drop splashing into channel


  1. Hi Stephen,

    Interesting poem-sections here the last two days, given the storms that've come through the Bay Area and presumably Bolinas.

    In particular I see in the last line today a hint of the weather, and also in the "shadowed motion" of the second line. Similar very minimal mentions -- minimal compared to the outsized size of the weather -- appeared yesterday and the day before (1/19 and 1/18).

    Perhaps this is an interesting exemplar of the poem's "mission" or your approach as compared to the full breadth of the reality from which its sections each day are drawn???

  2. thanks Steven, I think I know what you're thinking here -- such BIG 'drama' in the 'real' weather (and such 'minute' things here -- "sound" of wave (instead of ocean ROARING!). Did you get a chance to see #s 1.14 - 1.17 (I was in New York, seeing/writing "buildings" and "walls" instead of "channel" and "ridge". . . .
    Best to you,