Tuesday, September 22, 2020


white circle of sun in bright blue sky beside ridge 

sparrow on fence next to bamboo leaves above feeder 

say direction goes away turning space in foreground 

toward which thinking now of time as letting appear 

too dark in the house to take the picture one wants  

color of words on paper outside under orange of sky 

blinding whiteness sun in pale blue sky above ridge 

white line of wave breaking across mouth of channel

Monday, September 21, 2020


light grey whiteness of fog against invisible ridge 

motion of shadowed green bamboo leaves across fence 

relation to things in order form such as perception  

second of several for example sixteen also the same 

when clarity doesn’t require stops to differentiate  

walking also what one sees and thinks along the way 

grey whiteness of fog against top of shadowed ridge 

line of pelicans flapping from point toward channel

Sunday, September 20, 2020


blinding yellow circle of sun coming up above ridge 

sparrow landing on edge of fence across from feeder  

streamline view descriptive details picture at left  

build four things on our way to the second question 

locate thought in perception of shadow of table leg 

outside the mind that lies along bricks below fence 

circular white sun in fog against shoulder of ridge 

sound of waves breaking on sand across from channel

Saturday, September 19, 2020


yellow orange edge of sun next to still black ridge 

sparrow flapping from rose branch to shadowed fence 

parallel paintings of figures surface flat as a map 

parts of the face intersect in space look less like 

 light on second from left walnut tree trunk drawing 

viewer who wants to see bark more closely toward it 

 blinding circle of sun in pale blue sky above ridge 

 line of pelicans flapping to the right toward point

Friday, September 18, 2020


yellow red orange of clouds above still black ridge 

red-shouldered hawk calling on branch in foreground 

number of dimensions in the following only when two 

clock in motion gives time corresponding to instant 

concept of being as objects present position ground 

beginning thought return to everything that follows 

grey whiteness of fog against top of shadowed ridge 

diagonal white line of wave breaking across channel


light grey whiteness of fog against invisible ridge  

4 sparrows standing on shadowed fence beside feeder 

other action tries to make space which is contained 

in order to be close to approach of what is closest 

return to relation which includes isolation of both  

thinking first at the same time what can be touched  

grey whiteness of fog still against invisible ridge 

white line of wave breaking across mouth of channel

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


light coming into sky smoke above still black ridge

upturned curve of waning moon to the left of planet

various additions made view sight on street of road

how is this done in this way in the narrowing sense

in other words all but impermeable to sunlight rain

fog or smoke that keeps things so grey this morning

whiteness of sun in smoke next to shoulder of ridge

wingspan of pelican gliding over motionless channel