Tuesday, May 4, 2021


white circle of sun in bright blue sky beside ridge 

blue jay in birdbath flapping up to corner of fence 

fact in physical form another object moved to paint 

becomes the structure flat black repeats in shadows 

relaxing into exhalation waves sound breaks on sand 

eyes closed sunlit green of windblown bamboo leaves 

blinding white sun in sky next to shoulder of ridge 

light reflected on line of wave breaking in channel

Monday, May 3, 2021


first white edge of sun coming up above black ridge 

sound of unknown bird chirps on branch across field 

velocity increases more than line approaching light 

systems connected to the moment when it will arrive 

unfolding sense of clearing sequence of which holds 

one among others thinking the distance that remains 

cloudless blue white sky by black shoulder of ridge 

shadowed white line of wave breaking across channel

Sunday, May 2, 2021


white circle of sun in bright blue sky beside ridge 

windblown green bamboo leaves next to redwood fence 

view a body say something from somewhere outside it 

connection between clearing and light and appearing 

yellow orange oval of light behind closed eyes hear 

sound of unseen bird chirping half way around world 

sun coming up into cloudless blue sky next to ridge 

reflection of sunlight on wave in windblown channel

Saturday, May 1, 2021


light coming into fog against top of shadowed ridge 

motionless black bamboo leaves beside edge of fence 

both described and present in one might say at most 

repeats in speech painting music follows from sense 

thought speaks in fragments showing far as possible 

nothing made something actual thinking what is said 

cloudless blue sky beside line of fog against ridge 

sound of white wave breaking on sand beside channel


sun coming up into white lines of cloud above ridge 

waning white moon beside rose branch across from it 

request during same period view from bedroom window 

location in space measuring distances to the ground 

vertical shadow of man standing on beach sand white 

diagonal lines of foam slanting toward unseen ocean 

blinding white sun in cloud above shoulder of ridge 

sunlit white waves breaking across mouth of channel

Thursday, April 29, 2021


light grey whiteness of fog against invisible ridge 

motionless green bamboo leaves beside redwood fence 

photograph man combined with attitude made presence 

again appears in same position what had seemed like 

eyes opening a quarter at a time hears bird calling 

there sees motion of wind in shadowed bamboo leaves 

grey whiteness of fog against still invisible ridge 

white line of wave breaking on sand next to channel

Wednesday, April 28, 2021


light coming into pale blue white sky next to ridge 

waning white circle of moon to the left of branches 

velocity of material moment above compared to light 

place in the gravitational field measures direction 

bird slanting up to the left body relaxing in chair 

eyes opening after 10 minutes mouth begins to smile 

pale blue white sky next to black shoulder of ridge 

shadowed line of swell approaching mouth of channel