Sunday, January 27, 2013


light coming into sky above still black

ridge, birds beginning to call in field

in foreground, wave sounding in channel

      which means that when, each

      event in time passing

      limits which are not object,

      emotion, less precise

silver of sunlight reflected in channel,

cloudless blue sky to the left of point


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  1. I love this stuff, Stephen -- perhaps in part because YOU do it, YOU are the maker of it -- but also because it's just plain beautiful and truthful and FULLY AWARE, as much as anyone can be and make and manifest such a thing AND process of BEING "fully aware." Plus, it has its deeply gorgeous aesthetic value as well, though THAT is never in the service of "Literary Achievement" so much as it is in the more dear service of making one's "world" a pleasure to live in and feel life from.

    P.S. Forigive me if I miss a lot of posts and notifications at the FACEBOOK venue. I have been very busy with myriad projects (including a new book published at theenk Books, Eileen Tabios' THE AWAKENING) and the web site and the other web sites and other books at Hank's Original), but I do see that in February you'll perform with the thingamagigs folks again and I do hope to make time to "attend" that again this year. Sincerely, Steve :)