Sunday, March 28, 2010


pale orange cloud above shadowed black

building, vertical plane of brick wall

in foreground, cars sounding in street

view of the picture, marked

point that is thought

i.e., everything normal, is

itself only out of it

bright blue sky above brick building,

sunlit silver of wall across from it


  1. I've a "feeling" that for the last few days "we've" been someplace other than the mesa and the coast (or at least I hope that Bolinas hasn't been taken over by brick walls and buildings and cars in the street!).

    Interesting to read (as is true of previous times when the scene shifted, how the new locale(s) "fit" into "the form."

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  3. Steven,

    Good 'close reading' -- those buildings and cars from back in NYC (Manhattan Avenune in Greenpoint, to be precise, where Oona my daughter lives). Got to read a few pages from the recent poems at Bowery Saturday afternoon (bringing the west coast to the east?) together w/ some pages from Reading the Unseen. . . .

    Oh, would that I could read this second comment!

  4. Stephen,

    I am practically certain that the second comment links to something that may well screw up your computer if you click on it (I've had similar things posted by robots to my blog entries). You may want to consider deleting the thing, to protect you and your visitors....

    Have fun in NYC!